Auburn Color

Auburn is a type of red hair color. Auburn hair is a reddish brown color, and they can be medium or dark colored. The light skin features are to which this hair color is associated. When you want to create a lovely makeover that would receive appreciation from friends and people around you, then you can pick this hair color. This hair color has gained much popularity because of the natural look it offers. When you are choosing the auburn hair color, then there are certain facts you need to look for the suitability. You need to choose the light to dark tone ranges only if they would add to your beauty. What many people are confused about is if auburn is red. No, auburn is not red. This is a versatile tone, and can be tried in various depths, and the various depths of colors can be tried with this color. While a few characteristics of red hair color are similar to that of auburn, when it comes to maintenance of the shades, there are loads of differences.

Auburn ColorSkin tone and makeup for auburn hair color:

When you want to change the color tone of the hair, you would have a skeptic voice in your mind commenting that the dark tones never suit you. You would be certainly hesitating a lot when you want to go for the darkest colors all of a sudden. The change can be great, but accepting it would take time. So, if you want to come out of such thoughts, and see that you want a complete change of tone, and yet need no criticisms, you need to take time, and go for the change is small steps. If you are trying for anĀ Auburn Color from the blond color, the change would not be drastic, if you are going to try this in small steps. Lighter auburn tones are perfect for winter and darker tones go well during the summer. You need to keep in mind that regardless if the tone you choose, the hair has to be maintained well, else the color fades and becomes brassy. The first thing you need to do is, you need to choose the hair care products specific to the hair color. Choose the shampoo and conditioner that is meant for red hair, if you have colored your hair red, and auburn if you have any shades of auburn. You can also use shampoo for red hair if you have colored your hair in dark shades of auburn.

Your skin tone plays a crucial role in selecting the hair color. You can decide on the color that would go best with you after speaking to the hair colorist or the hair stylist. You might come up with various options. If your stylist thinks that auburn is not for you, then he or she can even recommend bleaching and coloring the hair with two different colors. A mix of gold and auburn tinge can suit someone great, while auburn alone cannot be a good option. The makeup you wear also decides if the hair color suits you. Choose an experienced professional, who can help you in the quarters of hair color and skin tone. Ensure that your makeup also goes apt with the hair color you have chosen newly. When you forget this, the hair color that you have chosen recently would not compliment your style. For instance, the red foundation can be the perfect choice for ash blonde hair, but not for the auburn hair color. You need to choose the skin colored foundation for the darker hair colors, like red and auburn.

It is not only the makeup for the face matters, but the eye makeup too has to be apt for the new hair color. When you wants to accentuate the eyes, then you should not choose the eye makeup that you use for the blonde hair color or the red hair. Choose the makeup that would draw the attention to the face and eyes. Also, the shape of the eyes matter a lot. Do not choose heavy makeup with this hair color.